Iowa AEAs develop “school budget toolkit” for Iowa school administrators

Recent announcements to cut the Iowa budget by 10 percent across-the-board within the current fiscal year presents a series of challenges to school administrators.

However, it is also affects:

  • board members
  • parents
  • faculty
  • non-teaching support staff
  • home owners
  • local business people
  • farmers
  • legislators
  • real estate agents
  • parents of pre-schoolers
  • empty-nesters
  • local government leaders and
  • retirees

With several stakeholder groups in each school district, there is a terrific need to accurately communicate these issues in a manner that all audiences understand. Continual two-way dialogue is key to keeping individuals engaged with what is happening in a school district.

Iowa’s AEAs, in concert with Larry Sigel of Iowa School Information Services, have developed this communications toolkit to help school administrators respond and guide community conversations about what implications the governor’s budget cut has for local districts across the state and for education
as a whole.

To access the “Iowa Schools Budget Communications Toolkit,” visit the Iowa AEA website at

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