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Educational resources funded and provided by Iowa’s Area Education Agencies

Iowa AEA Online is a statewide collaborative project that provides no-cost access to high-quality, web-based resources for Iowa students and teachers. These electronic, across-the-curriculum resources allow all schools, regardless of financial or geographic constraints, to offer a “library without walls” that … Continue reading

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The Iowa Core…keeping expectations high for our students—and the AEA’s role

Do your students feel challenged? Is their learning real-life? Are our expectations high enough? When we live up to students’ high expectations, not only do we succeed, but they do as well. We need to meet their expectations from day … Continue reading

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Physical therapists assist students in educational settings

Many children are seen earlier so problems can be addressed before kindergarten As autism and other disabilities are diagnosed earlier in life, the need for collaboration with service providers and families occurs sooner, too. Early identification and intervention through physical … Continue reading

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