Educational resources funded and provided by Iowa’s Area Education Agencies

Iowa AEA Online is a statewide collaborative project that provides no-cost access to high-quality, web-based resources for Iowa students and teachers.

These electronic, across-the-curriculum resources allow all schools, regardless of financial or geographic constraints, to offer a “library without walls” that is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from any Internet-accessible computer.

Iowa AEA Online is funded by Iowa’s Area Education Agencies. Iowa AEA Online supports the content standards for the Iowa Core by bringing a wealth of information to teachers and students. These online resources offer students and teachers carefully selected resources to enhance classroom learning, featuring content that is continuously updated, often within hours of an event.

By contracting for online resources for all school districts statewide, Iowa AEA Online provides equity of information for all learners and educators in Iowa.

For more information about Iowa AEA Online, contact your school’s teacher librarian, an AEA technology consultant, or visit

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