The 3 E’s of AEA 267: Equity, Efficiency & Excellence

Iowa’s Area Education Agencies (AEAs) play a critical role in improving student achievement in Iowa…but have you ever wondered how?


  • Nearly 80% of AEA dollars go to provide services mandated by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). Staffing to support IDEA would have to occur even if there were no AEAs.
  • AEAs were established to equalize educational opportunities for students in both rural and urban schools in Iowa. Offerings between schools would be much different if we did not have AEAs.


  • Consider the impact the AEAs have on schools using the remaining 20% of their funds! Professional development, school media services, school improvement services, technology support and much, much more!
  • AEAs provide high quality, cost-effective support programs for local schools and districts. This enables local districts to direct more resources to the classroom and away from administrative and support costs.
  • The AEAs provide the human resources necessary to deliver nearly every school improvement initiative rolled out from the Iowa Department of Education.
  • The AEAs provided school districts in Iowa with a total savings of over $800,000 on cooperative purchases last year through the Iowa Educators Consortium.


  • Last year over 6,000 teachers and 3,200 AEA staff members participated in AEA 267 sponsored professional development.
  • AEA 267 serves 60 public school districts, 25 accredited non-public school districts, nearly 600 school administrators, 5,000 teachers (including teachers, counselors, media specialists, nurses and paraeducators), 66,300 students, 351 board members spread out over 18 counties and 9,000 square miles.
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