“Iowa, Did You Know?” video highlights urgency for change in education

A new Iowa Future video, “Iowa, Did You Know?,” highlights the drastic changes occurring in Iowa and the world, and shows that schools are struggling to keep up in today’s dynamic new global environment. The video premiered at the School Administrators of Iowa Conference this month.

This fast-paced video emphasizes the magnitude of the challenges ahead, the need for Iowans to support the changes that schools must make if our learners are to be career, college, and citizenship ready, and the imperative to do this now, rather than later.

The seven-minute presentation is aimed at all Iowans, from all walks of life. It may be used with a variety of audiences, including students, parents, community members, school board members, legislators—virtually anyone with an interest or a stake in Iowa’s education future.

The “Iowa Did You Know?” video is the latest of a growing number of resources in the Iowa Future toolkit to provide school and community members with information and tools to help them lead or participate in education change efforts in their communities.

Scott McLeod authored “Iowa, Did You Know?” which is based on the popular general “Did You Know?” series written by Scott and others.

Watch the on the YouTube Iowa Future channel. Following the viewing considering using the accompanying discussion guide to begin an in-depth conversation in your group. The guide is designed to be used with all types of groups, educators and non-educators alike.

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