Plans in place for Professional Learning Community (PLC) conference

AEA 267, in conjunction with UNI and Solution Tree, is offering a PLC conference highlighting Becky and Richard DuFour and Solution Tree associates. The conference will be held June 19, & Oct. 2 -3, 2012 for schools that are just beginning their PLC journey. For schools that have already begun the process of becoming a PLC, the conference will be held June 20, & Oct. 2-3, 2012. All teams will be in attendance together on October 2 & 3rd with Richard and Becky DuFour. In addition, teams will work one day back in district on June 20th or 21st to engage in collaborative planning around becoming, or strengthening their PLC. AEA 267 consultants will have virtual office hours to provided technical assistance during this in-district work.

The focus of the conference will be twofold.  Schools that are just beginning the work of becoming a PLC will find the information presented valuable, as they lay the foundation for this cultural shift in their schools/districts. Schools that have already begun the PLC journey will receive support, new ideas, and inspiration for sustaining and continuing their work.

Breakout sessions will be offered on the following topics; collaboration, interventions, smart goals, the role of district leaders, common formative assessments, developing essential learnings, and assessment and grading. These sessions will be differentiated between beginning schools and schools that are on their way. In addition, Richard and Becky DuFour will differentiate their sessions between elementary and secondary educators.

School or district teams are encouraged to register for the conference, with an administrator recommended to attend as part of the team. Registration will be limited to 360 participants; however teams that attend will have the opportunity to register additional participants for the October 2 & 3rd dates with the Du Fours.

Registration is available now at My267. Registration is open for only AEA 267 schools only until February 1, 2012. After that date this conference will be open statewide. The course name and section is Professional Learning Community (PLC) Conference (Course # 4731). The cost is $325 per participant for the entire conference.

Questions may be addressed to Kim Swartz ( <> ) or Belinda Blackburn ( <> ).


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