AEA 267 Battle of the Books student event declared a success!

Avid readers from area elementary and middle schools competed in the regional Battle of the Books event at AEA 267 in Cedar Falls, Tuesday and Wednesday, March 20 and 21, 2012.  AEA facilitators hosted a packed house—with 180 elementary students attending on the elementary day, and 156 middle schoolers the next day.  Guest author Maribeth Boelts of Cedar Falls was on hand to talk about what inspires her, and featured some of her most popular titles, including, “Those Shoes”, “The PS Brothers, and “Before You Were Mine.”  Students were able to purchase books by the author and have them autographed.

Battle of the Books (BOB) is a collaborative competition for strong readers who enjoy reading a wide variety of books. Teams collectively read 40 books before the regional competition, and then competed on written short answer and oral tests. The 40 books on the reading lists are chosen by educators and represent a wide variety of genres, authors, cultures, and time periods. The competition requires persistence and study. Teams work together for months to prepare for the event, building friendships and collaborative work skills.

Grundy Center team: Andrew Warnell, Cora Staak, Adam Hoy, Hailey Wallis, Jack Kelley, Joseph Janssen, with Maribeth Boelts.

The guest author provided a program between the written and oral rounds, and the winning team (pictured to the left) had lunch with Ms. Boelts at University Book and Supply in Cedar Falls.

The five teams that qualified to advance to the oral round in the Elementary BOB were:  East Buchanan, Montezuma, Grundy Center, Sacred Heart and South Tama.  Grundy Center won first place. The five teams that qualified to advance to the oral round in the middle school BOB were:  East Buchanan, Clear Lake, South Tama, East Marshall, and John Adams.

South Tama (pictured below) went on to win first place in the middle school division.

South Tama team: Mahala Doyle, Kaitlin Berger, Shae Slaven, Sabrina Holtz, McKenna Knock and Courtney Anderson.

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