AEA 267 launches plan to streamline Special Education services

In an effort to better align resources and services to children, educators, and families, Area Education Agency 267 (AEA 267) will reorganize the way services are delivered beginning July 1, 2012. The agency will divide services into four geographic areas—known as sectors—rather than the nine sectors it currently uses.

“There are a number of important reasons why we are making this move,” said Dr. Mary Stevens, AEA 267 Director of Special Education. “We know, for instance, that we need to work even harder to partner with educators and families to close the achievement gap for special education students. Creating four territories will allow us to better use the staff that we have and encourage their collaboration with one another in meeting the needs of our partners.”

How will the change impact parents? Ideally, the biggest change parents should see over the long haul is an increase in their child’s achievement. “If we are doing this right, students should be achieving at higher levels,” said Stevens.

The change should not, however, impact how parents or educators access AEA 267 services. The first point of contact for parents will remain their child’s classroom teacher and or building administrator. Parents may also contact one of the AEA 267 Family Education Connection (FEC) Coordinators for information and assistance regarding AEA 267 services:

For more information on the plan to restructure, contact Dr. Mary Stevens at 319-273-8272.

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