May is School Board Recognition Month

Picture 8May has been designated as Iowa School Board Recognition Month and this year’s theme is “Building Brighter Futures”.  School board members contribute countless hours to ensuring that all students receive a quality education by adopting effective policies, analyzing budgets, making key decisions, and monitoring student achievement data.

Iowa’s nine area education agencies (AEAs) are governed by board members elected by local school boards for four-year terms.  Area Education Agency 267’s Board of Directors consists of nine members representing every school district that AEA 267 serves.  They meet on a monthly basis to discuss student learning, the structure of our agency, partnerships and agreements we have with external partners, finances, staffing, and other topics related to service and education.

AEA 267’s Board of Directors include:

  • Roberta Kraft-Abrahamson, Director District 1 – Vice President
  • Dr. Debra S. Rich, Director District 2
  • Dr. George North, Director District 3
  • Darshini Jayawardena, Director District 4
  • David Giese, Director District 5
  • Charlotte Upah, Director District 6 – President
  • Richard Vande Kieft, Director District 7
  • Barbara Opheim, Director District 8
  • Bernice Richard, Director District 9

AEA 267 wishes to extend our sincere appreciation to our board members for their tremendous commitment to students, staff and the communities they serve.

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