AEA 267 Outstanding Paraeducator Award winners

AEA 267 is proud to announce the winners of the 2012-13 Outstanding Paraeducator Award.  This year’s winners are Brenda Heinz and Lisa Kraus.

Brenda Heinz, a special needs paraeducator at Becker Elementary in Waterloo, was nominated by Lacey Brakebill, a Waterloo Community School District preschool special needs strategist, and Debbie Morris, a special education consultant with AEA 267.

“Brenda is a true professional who consistently works as a positive team member, ” said Lacey Brakebill.

Lisa Kraus is a special needs paraeducator at Garner-Hayfield High School and was nominated by Sherri Halfpop, a special education teacher, and Renee Denny, a special educator coordinator, both with Garner-Hayfield Community School District.

“Lisa strives to be the best that she can be as a paraeducator and a citizen, ” said Sherri Halfpop.

The Outstanding Paraeducator award was established to honor the hard work and dedication of paraeducators employed by the schools served by AEA 267.  Recipients must demonstrate a positive impact on the students with whom they work, show efficiency and initiative in their work, show significant personal and/or professional gains, and enhance the overall image of paraeducators served by AEA 267.  The winners were chosen by AEA 267’s Paraeducator Advisory Team from 29 nominees representing 14 school districts.

Congratulations, Brenda and Lisa!

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