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Jane Frizzell, AEA 267 Teacher Librarian

Jane Frizzell, AEA 267 Teacher Librarian

Does your child need information for a school assignment, or even a personal interest? Students in grades K-12 at all Iowa accredited schools have access to 14 helpful online resources provided by Area Education Agency 267 (AEA 267) in cooperation with other Iowa Area Education Agencies (AEAs).

Students may access these resources both at school and home (internet access required), 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Several of the resources listed below have Spanish translation options available.

These resources include:

  • AEA Digital Collection (PreK-12) – Streaming video. Current resources include physical science, life science, earth science and financial literacy.
  • AP Images (PreK-12) – Over 7 million primary-source photographs from the Associate Press.
  • Atomic Learning (PreK-12) – Over 50,000 technology-related tutorials
  • BookFLIX (PreK-3) – An online literacy resource that pairs fictional video storybooks with related nonfiction eBooks. Read-aloud feature provides accessibility to all readers.
  • Britannica Digital Learning (PreK-12) – A collection of reference and learning materials that are curriculum aligned and age-appropriate.
  • CultureGrams (K-12) – An insider’s perspective on daily life and culture, including the history, customs, and lifestyles of the world’s people.
  • Gale – Cengage Learning (PreK-12) – Magazines, newspapers, and reference materials. Ten different resources are designed for age-appropriate access.
  • iCLIPART For Schools (PreK-12) – More than 7.8 million royalty-free photos, clipart, fonts, animations, and sounds.
  • Learn360 (PreK-12) – Streaming media offering thousands of full-length digital videos, video clips, images, audio files, newsreels, and speeches.
  • SIRS Issues Researcher (9-12) – Articles on over 300 pro/con social issues.
  • soundzabound (PreK-12) – Licensed audio that can be used without copyright infringement in videos, podcasts, and other forms of multimedia.
  • TeachingBooks.net (PreK-12) – Multi-media resources about fiction and nonfiction books and authors/illustrators used in the K–12 environment.
  • Teen Health & Wellness (7-12) – Topics include diseases, drugs, alcohol, nutrition, mental health, suicide, bullying, green living, online safety, financial literacy, and more.
  • TrueFlix (3-5) – Nonfiction eBooks relating to science and social studies.

All of these resources may be accessed from the Iowa AEA Online website (www.iowaeaonline.org). Students will need to have a username and password that can be obtained from your child’s teacher librarian. Remember, the license for these resources limits use to school related activities.

If you have questions or need further information, please contact AEA 267 Teacher Librarian, Jane Frizzell at 800-392-6640.

AEA 267 serves over 60,000 students. In addition, over 5,000 educators rely on AEA 267 for services in special education, school technology, media and instructional/curriculum support. The agency’s service area reaches 18 counties and nearly 9,000 square miles.

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