Shirley Crippen plays instrumental role in support for Teresa Shaw, woman picked out of crowd at recent Garth Brooks concert

Shirley Crippen, AEA 267 Speech Language Pathologist

Shirley Crippen, AEA 267 Speech Language Pathologist

AEA 267 staff members are committed to serving students, parents and educators to improve student learning, however many also volunteer their time and efforts to improving the lives of people in their communities. One of these dedicated staff members is Shirley Crippen, AEA 267 Speech Language Pathologist.

By now everyone has heard the story of Teresa Shaw of Osage, the woman who Garth Brooks gave his guitar to at a Twin Cities concert. The video went viral and Entertainment Tonight flew Teresa to California to surprise Garth on an episode of their show. While there, Teresa gave Garth a gift, a hot pink bracelet with a butterfly charm designed by Shirley.

When Teresa was diagnosed with cancer, Shirley wanted to help raise money for medical expenses. She started a Facebook page to journal Teresa’s journey with cancer and made hundreds of the butterfly bracelets to sell. Shirley and Teresa worked together when Teresa was a paraeducator at Osage CSD’s Lincoln Elementary School.

Since the story broke, people from all over the world are contacting Shirley to let Teresa know they are thinking of her and to place an order for the “Garth Brooks” bracelet. Shirley spends hours each night responding to each and every message, as well as trying to keep up with all the orders coming in.

Shirley describes Teresa as a “sweet lady who is full of grace and strength, someone who has never complained during her ordeal with cancer and is beyond grateful for everything.” We describe Shirley as someone who is the epitome of what it means to give of yourself to help another.

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