I suspect my child has a disability, what can the AEA do to help?

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 12.29.12 PMHave you ever wondered if your child is behind in any area of their development or education? Is your toddler not yet speaking or walking? Is your school-age child not reading at their grade level? Maybe you have concerns with your child’s behavior. Your local Area Education Agency may be able to answer your questions and assist you!

Area Education Agency 267 (AEA 267) provides evaluations and services for children from birth to age 21. If you have a child under the age of three and have questions or concerns about their development, you can start by talking to your child’s pediatrician. Your doctor will be able to make a referral to the AEA for you or you can call AEA 267 directly and make a referral yourself.

Services for birth to three-year olds are called Early ACCESS. Services are generally provided in the child’s most familiar environment such as their home. An Early ACCESS Service Coordinator will contact you following referral and gather information from you about your child and family. She will then connect you to the appropriate service provider(s). They will determine if your child is eligible to receive services and will give you recommendations for activities and things to do with your child at home to promote growth and development, not just in the area you are concerned with, but in all areas.

If you have a preschool or school-aged child, you may talk directly to your child’s teacher. The teacher may then call in a team representative from the AEA. The teacher and team representative can then give you ideas of things to do at home with your child and may also suggest other services provided by AEA 267 that may assist your child if your child is eligible.

Some of the services provided through AEA 267 address questions or concerns in the following areas: assistive technology, autism, behavior, consultant services, occupational and physical therapy services, hearing screenings and audiology services, school social work services, speech language services, vision, Family and Educator Connection, and many more.

Again, if you have questions or concerns regarding your child’s development or education, call AEA 267 at one of the numbers below based on the office closest to you. Services are at no cost to your family. Our service providers can evaluate and assess your child and see how we can help you and your family.

  • AEA 267 Marshalltown 0ffice: 1-800-735-1539
  • AEA 267 Clear Lake office: 1-800-392-6640
  • AEA 267 Cedar Falls office: 1-800-542-8375
April Wooldridge, AEA 267 Parent Educator Coordinator

April Wooldridge, AEA 267 Parent Educator Coordinator

April Wooldridge is the Parent Educator Coordinator for the Family and Educator Connection at AEA 267, based out of Marshalltown. AEA 267 serves over 60,000 students. In addition, over 5,000 educators rely on AEA 267 for services in special education, school technology, media and instructional/curriculum support. The agency’s service area reaches 18 counties and nearly 9,000 square miles.

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