Substitute Authorization

What is Substitute Authorization?


Who is eligible for the Substitute Authorization?

Anyone who meets the following five criteria is eligible to receive substitute authorization:


What is the difference between a Substitute Authorization and Substitute Teaching license?


What are the requirements to get my Substitute Authorization?

Please view the Substitute Authorization application for a complete list of directions.


May I begin substituting while I am waiting for the training to be offered or while I am enrolled in the training program?

No, you must successfully complete the Substitute Authorization course and hold the Substitute Authorization before you can be employed as a Substitute.


May I continue substituting if my substitute authorization has expired but I am taking classes to renew?

No, you must successfully complete two semester hours of credit, submit your renewal application to the state, and hold that Substitute Authorization before you can continue substituting.  You do not need to re-take the Substitute Authorization course.  The two semester hours of credit must have been completed within the past five years.  When renewing, follow all the directions for requirements on the BoEE Substitute Authorization Renewal Application.


Can I get an extension for my Substitute Authorization?

The Board of Educational Examiners does not issue extensions for Substitute Authorization.

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When are substitute authorization classes offered?

Substitute Authorization courses are throughout the year at various sites.  These courses are twenty contact hours. Registration will take place in My267. For additional assistance, see Participant Registration Help.

A minimum number of ten participants is needed in order to hold the class.  Registration is recommended at least two weeks prior to the start date in order for us to monitor enrollment.   Professional Learning Department reserves the right to cancel a class due to low enrollment. 

What is the cost of the Substitute Authorization class?

The course fee total is $125: ($95 for course fee, $30 for materials fee).


How do I sign up for a Substitute Authorization class?

All course registrations take place online through My267. All registrations must occur online NO LATER THAN MIDNIGHT of the first day of the class. Click here for Participant Registration Help.


Once I have my substitute authorization class completed, how do I make everyone aware I am available?

Once you are authorized to substitute, you should contact the districts you want to work in and apply.


How long is the authorization good for?

The Substitute Authorization is good for three years during which time you need to earn two credits for renewal.


I am getting ready to renew my Substitute Authorization. What do I need to do?

Two semester hours of credit (in an area related to education or working with students) earned during the term of the license (after the issue date and before the expiration date) are required for renewal. These credits may be completed for staff development credit from an Iowa Area Education Agency or undergraduate or graduate college credit from a regionally accredited institution. Please view the Substitute Authorization renewal application for a complete list of directions.


Once I finish the Substitute Authorization course, how long will it take before I can substitute teach?

First, you will need to submit your Substitute Authorization application to the Board of Educational Examiners (BoEE). Then, allow the BoEE four to six weeks to process your application. Once you receive your certificate from the BoEE, you can begin to substitute teach.


I need two Substitute Authorization credits in order to renew my Authorization. Where can I find courses to take?

AEA PD Online:  Courses are offered online on the AEA PD Online  website. To view a list of all courses, click on the Search button.

My267:  Our online course catalog provides an updated list of all of AEA 267’s course offerings. A column is provided next to the course details listing the credit types issued for each course, including those issuing Substitute Authorization credits or licensure renewal credits. For additional assistance, see Participant Registration Help.


Where can I find out more information about Substitute Authorization?

Information regarding substitute authorization can be obtained from the Board of Educational Examiners website.


Where can I download the application to apply for substitute authorization now that I have taken the Substitute Authorization course?


Who can I contact for further information?

Amy Moine, Director of Professional Learning

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