Lamination provides a simple inexpensive means of protection for posters, pictures, bulletin board materials, game boards or almost any light flat material. Lamination is done with a heat sensitive transparent film which is permanently bonded to both sides of your material.


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Materials sent for lamination should be either wrapped in paper or put in a bag (plastic garbage bags work well). Do not send in loose or paper clipped items as they may become separated or lost. Please do not staple packages or bags shut. Each package must include a completed production request form. Print all information.

Item Size

We are capable of laminating materials up to 26" wide. Items any larger than this will be returned. If you would like these items to be halved or folded and then laminated, please make a note on the order form. There is an extra charge of $12/hour for multiple small items (4 x 6 and smaller), due to the time needed to place them in the laminator.

Materials thicker than 1/16 inch may not seal properly after lamination. Cardboard is an example of paper that is too thick to laminate.


Price & Turnaround Time

We charge $0.50 per linear foot. Turnaround time is usually 1-2 weeks. If you need your materials sooner for a special event, please let us know ahead of time.

We will not be responsible for any materials damaged due to equipment error or malfunction. If you have any questions, please contact your regional Print & Production site.


Lamination Guidlines & TipsTips

Items that will damage equipment
Tips for Packaging
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