The Flex Room














Ten Skills for the Future Workforce

1. Transdiciplinarity

2. Visual Collaboration

3. Sense-making

4. Social Intelligence

5. Cross-cultural Competency

6. Cognitive Load Management

7. Novel and Adaptive Thinking

8. Computational Thinking

9. New Media Literacy

10. Design Mindset

AEA 267’s Flex Room is a space for AEA and LEA learners to experience and experiment with student-centered, creative, and collaborative learning environments in a space designed to be flexible to meet the diverse needs of students during the learning process.  The Flex Room draws its name from the flexibility that is required of today’s teachers and learning environments to meet the needs of today’s students and prepare them for tomorrow’s work and society.

The furniture and technologies selected for the Flex Room were chosen to model developing trends in pedagogy, educational technology, and furnishings.  These trends focus on student-centered pedagogies that require flexibility to encourage students to explore, share, and create new ideas tied to their learning utilizing the ideas behind the Universal Constructs and the Iowa Core.

Room Design


"Green" Screen


Universal Constructs from the Iowa Core

  • Critical Thinking
  • Complex Communication
  • Creativity
  • Collaboration
  • Flexibility and Adaptability
  • Productivity and Accountability

Flex Room Training

The Flex Room contains resources and technology that require special training in order to use them to their full capacity, beyond the basic projecting of one computer screen to all monitors.  This training will provide participants with the capability or projecting multiple devices at the same time, choosing multiple input and output selections and wireless presenting.  Participants can attend these half-day trainings for one, two, or three hours depending on their needs.  You can sign up for the Flex Room Training (Course # 15399)  through our professional learning system.

  1. September 26th, 1:00
  2. October 26th, 1:00
  3. December 13th, 1:00
  4. January 4th, 9:00
  5. April 25th, 1:00
  6. June 22nd, 1:00