EdInsight will give teachers and administrators a tool that offers them a longitudinal (2004-2005 to present) detailed picture of student, building, and district level achievement. A host of other educational data are stored in EdInsight.

EdInsight stores, organizes, graphs and sorts these data elements in a variety of preformatted reports. These preformatted reports, which are easily accessible, answer common research questions. In addition, there is an assessment cube that allows educators to formulate their own research questions and then build customized reports, allowing educators to focus their efforts on actual data analyses. EdInsight is effective, efficient and equitable for all educators.

Reports and Definitions

EdInsight Report Application Guide – this document provides a brief overview of each of the reports on the EdInsight system as well as sample assessment questions that each report answers.

EdInsight Report Menu – this document provides a visual layout of the reports that are available on EdInsight.


*View important information regarding Access to EdInsight using the Iowa Education Portal