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What Is Student-Centered Coaching?

Student-Centered Coaching is a coaching model developed by Diane Sweeney as a way to "put students' needs front and center",    Bringing both formative assessment and the Iowa Core Standards to the forefront, Student-Centered Coaching promotes a partnership between teacher leaders and teachers to (1) understand where students currently are in their learning, (2) establish a clear vision for where they need to be, and (3) develop a path to get them there.     

Seven Components of Student-Centered Coaching:
  1. Organizing coaching through cycles
  2. Setting goals for student learning
  3. Using standards-based learning targets
  4. Using student evidence to co-plan
  5. Co-teaching to refine teaching practice
  6. Measuring the impact of coaching on student and teacher learning
  7. Partnering with the school leader

Introduction to Student-Centered Coaching


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